Llanberis Mountain Film Festival

#LLAMFF was born in the mountains of Snowdonia which is home to some of the leading climbers, mountaineers, paddlers, mountain bikers and ground breaking adventurers in the world. With its world class climbing, North Wales attracts over 8 million visitors each year with Snowdon having 477,000 making it the busiest mountain in the UK.

#LLAMFF was established in 2002 and has had a strong fringe festival since its inception and 2015 is no exception.

Offering outdoor skills work shops, family activities and master classes from sponsored athletes. As well as the closing party on Sunday evening with live music and the quirky Friday night quiz from some local climbing legend George Smith and Chris Rowlands from DMM Climbing - their very own self confessed obsessive quiz creator.

#LLAMFF 2015 will run from 6th to 8th March across a number of venues local to Llanberis.

The film and lecture programme will run from 1800 – 2230 daily and you can book seats for any showing or lectures directly through our events listings. Alternatively you can visit our partner retail outlets where you can purchase tickets for all sessions.

Tickets on sale from 1st December 2014


More information about the #LLAMFF film and lecture programme will be released very soon.

Keep checking back for the latest updates.


#LLAMFF has a strong history and links with the outdoors industry which has been mutually beneficial on various levels for both national and international brands, as well as local providers on a tiered basis. Please contact us for more details on sponsorship opportunities.

Festival Sponsorship Packages

For more information about our sponsorship packages or to discuss event sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.

Our Mission

  • Promote safety in the outdoors and support local mountain rescue teams
  • Create a bursary for future young filmmakers to build/run projects and feed festivals ongoing
  • To advance the education of the public in the arts, to include (but not exclusive to) film, photograph, sculpture and art exhibitions
  • Advocate and educate an awareness in our environment and conservation of the physical and natural environment
  • Showcase the North Wales history and culture through use of the Welsh language
  • Promote participation in all outdoor sports regardless of age, race, physical ability, disability or gender
  • Bring out of season revenues to local businesses, small and large, to support their revenue growth aspirations
  • Bring back the only film festival based in the mountains, in the home of the outdoors, and ensure it becomes an annual, sustainable success


LLAMFF is driven by inspiration and the overriding desire to give emerging, and established, filmmakers a platform for people to share there passion and creativity.

Mountains, adventure and the outdoors are at the heart of everything we do and as such we welcome any and all films, images and art work that engage and inspire others; adventures near and far; issues relating to our stunning upland and remote areas; off the wall mad moments to make the heart leap.

There will be prizes for each category winner and an over all Best Film of the Festival prize, voted for online and by festival attendees.

For us to consider your submission, please contact us with the following information:

Your name and contact details, film category (as per our list), brief summary of your film in 150 words or less and the format of the file.

We will get in touch with you with our decision with further details on how to send your film.


Thank You For Your Enquiry

We have received your enquiry and will be in touch very soon.